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  1. Mev Spider - Mechanical Extract Ventilation Unit

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    The MEV Spider from EnviroVent is a low energy, continuous mechanical extract ventilation system designed with multiple extract points to simultaneously draw moisture-laden air out of the wet rooms, whilst minimising the migration of humidity to other rooms.
    The extract unit is centrally located in, for example, a hallway cupboard, with ducts running from the unit to the kitchen, bathroom, en-suite and other wet zones.
    Ideal for use in mid-sized houses up to 220m3 and apartments of up to 180m3, the unit provides high centrifugal performance with low running noise.
    Highly cost effective and value for money, the MEV Spider provides the added confidence of inclusion within SAP Appendix Q and comes with a full five year guarantee.

    • Fitted with Ultra Low Watt DC Motor technology
    • Wide range of control options
    • 125mm Outlet Spigot
    • Self sealing duct connections
    • 9 spigot connection points (3 spigots supplied)
    • Quick fit bayonet connections
    • UK manufactured

    • SAP Appendix Q eligible
    • Vertical or horizontal installation
    • Ease of maintenance
    • Unobtrusive
    • Low noise
    • Cost effective
    • 5 year guarantee
    • Lowest carbon footprint

    Intelligent Optional On Demand control Valves
    By incorporating hygroscopic valves as a control option, intelligent single room zoning is achieved. Responding to changes in humidity, the valves open proportionately. This is achieved via a tracking device, which monitors the humidity every 3 seconds and speeds up the fan in direct proportion: - as the airflow increases the unit senses the increase in humidity and then tracks back down when the humidity lowers.
    This function is specific to a single extract zone, such as the kitchen, which means that only one zone is affected rather than the entire system operating in boost mode. This ensures that extract performance constantly matches humidity and occupancy levels to achieve optimum effectiveness with the lowest energy use..

    Please note the standard version as per Envirovent literature is the Wireless humidity controlled version.

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