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  1. TechSeal 100FR Duct Sealant Cartridge - 100FRS

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    TechSeal 100FR Duct Sealant - 380cc Cartridge.

    Tecseal 100FR is a high quality solvented duct sealant whose performance has been well proven for over a decade.

    Tecseal 100FR is a neoprene based duct sealant. This neoprene base provides the flexibility and durability required to create a permanent seal, unlike some duct sealants. In addition to neoprene, a number of special additives, together with a carefully selected blend of solvents, complete the formulation to provide a fast drying duct sealant which complies with classes A, B and C of HVCA ductwork specification DW144.
    Tecseal 100FR is fire resistive and complies with the requirements of BS476 Part 7 when fully cured.

    ~ Suitable for high, medium and low pressure applications.
    ~ Conforms to HVCA specifications for sealants.
    ~ Non-hardening yet tough and flexible.
    ~ Fire resistant.
    ~ Solvented, Acrylic and Silicone types for all applications.

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