• Model:VKC434

100mm Round Condensation Trap

£ 14.49 (excl. VAT)

£ 17.39 (inc. VAT)

Condensation trap for use with plastic round duct of 100 diameter.

Prevents condensed water from running back down the duct towards the fan in vertical PVCu ducted applications.

Not suitable for flexible duct run although you can join flexible ducting to solid plastic round duct using a male connector and jubilee clamp.

Collected water may be piped to a convenient collection point from the 20mm drain off outlet.

White: 20mm drain off point.
EM 250-E2M 01- Etamaster-250
EM 250-E2M 01- Etamaster-250
£ 145.95

Really well made but comes with no speed controler? ?and can...