• Model:ACO8AC/EC

ACO8AC/EC AutoChangeover panel

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£ 302.96 (inc. VAT)

The dual AC/EC fan controller is a mains powered, twin fan controller with enclosure, suitable for all EC 0-10V speed controllable and AC fans.

The fans run alternately based on a selectable changeover period.
Potentiometers allow setting of the two fan speeds, normal and boost. The fan speeds are selected by volt free contacts or 0-10V input.

There is also an optional single-fan operation mode. Two VFC inputs - Normal/Boost and Remote on/off
Alarm output for fan fail, solid state relay 230V/8A contacts
LED for Fan OK/Fault
LED Fan1/Fan2 run
Duty share/changeover 3/6/9/12/15/18/21/24 hour set via switch
Remote enable input, volt free contacts
Normal/Boost fan speed input.
Current sensing 1 to 8 amp
Option to external boost/run via 0-10V input via BMS
Max adjustable output 0-10V to fans
Fan fault volt free contacts
Can select to start fan A or fan B

Download datasheet HERE
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