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  • Model:EBB-170N

EBB-170 N Centrifugal Extractor Fan - EBB-170N

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The EBB-N centrifugal extractor fans are suitable for many domestic and commercial ventilation applications where higher system resistance pressures are encountered.

The range comprise of three models, EBB-100N, EBB-170N and EBB-250N, each available in different versions. The EBB-N models incorporate powerful forward curved centrifugal impeller with 2-speed single phase 230V50Hz,4-pole (EBB-170N and 250N) or 2-pole motor (EBB-100N).

The EBB-N are fitted with an automatic back draft shutter to prevent air entry and limit heat leakage when the extractor is not operating.

Technical characteristics - EBB-170N
Speed (r.p.m) - 1010
Power - 48 watts
Airflow - 220 m3/hr
Sound dB - 36 dB @ 3 meters
Extract Spigot - 98mm
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