• Model:FSD-C-FS250

FSD-C Motorised Failsafe Single Blade Fire/Smoke Damper with Actuator - 250mm

£ 349.00 (excl. VAT)

£ 418.80 (inc. VAT)

The FSD-C-FS 250mm Motorised Failsafe Single Blade Fire/Smoke Damper with adjustable blade position has been designed specifically for installations where space is at a premium and installation within the fire separation is not feasible.

The FSD-C-FS Single Blade Fire/Smoke Damper provides greater free area than comparable sized conventional multi blade fire/smoke dampers.
This Fire and Smoke damper has the flexibility of being a volume control damper with the facility that allows air balance and the setting of the damper blade position during system commissioning via the fitted actuator.

Product Features
• Tested and certified installation variants of the FSD-C-FS are available for both blockwork and stud partitions.
• All BSB tested installation methods give at least a E90 classification.
• Unique blade construction.
• Halogen free LSF cable.
• Exceeds the requirements of EN1366-2
• Integrated volume control capability
• Reduced commissioning time
• Thermal fuse replaceable external to the duct.
• Test switch integral to the thermal fuse allowing the damper to be tested locally and individually.
• LED indication that power is available to the actuator and the thermal fuse is intact.
• Installation plate with template location holes to allow easy installation.

Actuators with Thermal Fuse
The BSB PML24-TF and PML230-TF actuators incorporate a thermal fuse (TF) via a 500mm long cable factory fitted to the damper actuator which operates at 72°C. This is in accordance with BS 9999 and BS 5588 Part 9.

The TF is fitted with a green LED indication light which provides a quick visual check that the actuator is receiving power and that the TF is intact. Also included is a manual sprung test switch for periodic testing of the damper. For safety reasons the TF is designed to operate only once upon reaching the activation temperature.

FSD-C-FS Fire/Smoke Damper Actuator Options
PML24-TF 24 volt Spring Return Actuator with Thermal Fuse
PML230-TF 230 volt Spring Return Actuator with Thermal Fuse

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