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Multiple Input Ventilation MIV - Loft Mounted Unit

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£ 874.80 (inc. VAT)

Instead of providing just a single source of fresh air into a property, usually located in a hallway or landing, the MIV® Loft Mounted Unit has the ability to supply fresh, filtered air via multiple inputs into areas with greater requirements for ventilation.

Highly efficient, inputs can be situated in rooms affected by increased levels of humidity, such as the kitchen, bathrooms and other wet rooms.

Fresh air inputs can also be located in bedrooms or living spaces that suffer from particularly bad condensation or in the bedroom of an asthma sufferer to reduce the level of humidity and therefore the house dust mite population - a known trigger for allergies and asthma.

EVL-TS - MIV Loft mounted unit
EVL-HTS - MIV loft unit with heater, also known as 'Eco-air twin'
MIVAS-H - MIV air source with heater
MIVAS-HW - MIV air source with heater and wireless control
EVL-H-IM-TS - MIV inline with heater

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