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  1. KBR 315D2 IE2 Thermo fan
    [KBR 315D2]

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    £1,438.80 inc. VAT
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    In accordance with Commission Regulation (EC) no 640/2009 of the European Parliament - eco-design requirements for electric motors - the new international efficiency classes are binding as of 16 June 2011. These guidelines defined by CEMEP and EPACT are regarded as international standard for energy-saving high-efficiency motors for frequencies of 50 or 60 Hz and make the use of IE2 motors mandatory.
    With this new and more efficient technology we offer our customers many advantages such as environmentally friendly operation, reduced energy consumption and hence lower emissions. IE2 motors have a higher efficiency even in part load operation and allow optimum adjustment to the operating point. In addition, the IE2 motors generate less noise and develop less heat, which has a positive influence on the efficiency and the cooling requirement of the motor. Please note: IE2 motors cannot be speed controlled by voltage, i.e. voltage transformers.

    • Max temperature of transported air 120°C
    • Speed-controllable(exept models 280D2 & 280D2-4)
    • Integral thermal contacts
    • Low sound level

    The KBR fans have impellers manufactured from aluminum with backward-curved blades and external rotor motors. The KBR casing is manufactured from doubleskinned galvanised sheet steel and is insulated with 50 mm mineral wool.

    The KBR fans have a swing-out door for easy inspection and service. The direction of the door opening can easily be changed from left to right at site. The fan is isolated from the casing via connectors and anti-vibration dampers are incorporated into the base frame.

    To protect the motors from overheating the KBR fans have integral thermal contacts(KBR 280D2 & 280D2-4 with PTC) with external leads for connection to a motor protection device. Please note: Speed controll by voltage, i.e. voltage transformers, is not possible!


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